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Recently I saw one of my Facebook friends posted about her life as “she thought to herself the whole time that cancer is something that would never come to her and her family until 3 weeks ago she received the shocking news that the most wonderful person in her life, her dad was diagnosed with the end stages of lung cancer”.

This post makes me realize how short peoples lives are.

Do you agree with me that most people don’t realize this and still live their lives like nothing will ever happen to them. I used to be one of them. I used to be the one who has no concern about anything and live my life like no tomorrow; up until I had Alivia, my most wonderful beautiful daughter. Since then I have been trying to pay attention to small things, try to slow things down, try to watch what I spend my money on, try to keep my weight in normal range and exercise, try to watch what I eat, and also try to be as healthy as I can. Because you never know when something bad will happen and what it might be.

The healthier food is something that I really want to talk about today. Most times I can’t control what I eat as much as I want to (just like anyone else). I’m one who has an excuse just like everyone else, such as unhealthy food tastes so good and it is what I have been craving for or I don’t like the taste and smell (I know the healthy foods are not always tastiest). Today things are more convenient for most people who have no time to watch over that.

Rice Bran OilSupplements come to be the most common role in peoples lives. I was the one who never cared or understand why I need to take it until I’m about to turn 30 and I feel like shit when I started to work again. I have to use a computer for 8 hours or more a day and plus when I get home I want to check my email, Facebook, do some work on my website, etc. so I noticed that my only pair of eyes started to bother me a lot. And my back, my neck all are painful and started to have muscle aches from sitting and using the computer for a long period of time. I did realize that hey..I’m almost 30 and am I going to be an old woman who is working without paying attention to my health? At that time one of my cousins “Noom” introduced me into the business he has been doing for the last 2 years and I was like okay though I don’t really care for this type of the business so why do I need to join. At first he talked to me about the business plan and the income that he has been getting for the past 2 years. That made me excited about it at first, but then it never really touched me until he talked about the product that he has been using and how it has helped his health specifically about“sciatica”. Noom had severe back pain and was diagnosed with a herniated disc and sometimes when it occurred he would not able to get out of bed for weeks. He suggested I should try “rice bran oil” for the problem I have with “dry eyes” and “muscle aches”. So first I only got 1 bottle of the rice bran oil and share it with my husband. Believe it or not I started to take 2 pills a day and it has been 3 days that I was using it like this and I found my self had no back pain, no neck pain and the most wonderful part is I don’t have any problem with my dry eyes ever since. My husband did not believe in the benefit of the rice bran oil tried it too. He is one who suffers from allergies and usually will have the stuffy nose and crusted eyes occur to him in the morning, and he feels good after taking it. He feels he has more energy and no more allergy problems in the morning too.

My dad is another severe case of herniated disc because he used to drive for a long period of time and he used to weigh over 250 lbs. Right now he lost all the weight, but one thing that doesn’t seem to go away since he lost weight is the problem of back pain. He still has sciatica and pain in his back. 2 weeks after beginning to take rice bran oil my dad feels wonderfully fine and his back didn’t bother him since then compare to before. With a severe case like his it’s typical to need surgery to finally get rid of the pain. My mom is 52 now and she needs hormone therapy due to menopause, and the medicine she has been receiving didn’t help her at all. She became sick and lost weight and was not able to sleep through the night. Since she took the rice bran oil she doesn’t need the hormone therapy any longer.

There was also a story about curing cancer from people who joined this business who had their cancer go into remission in the last stage of liver cancer. The doctor told him he only had 4 months left of life and he gave rice bran oil a try. He took 9 capsules a day and within a month he started to feel better and he returned to the hospital to do the lab test and the result was there was no evidence of the cancer to be found. At present he still takes the rice bran oil regularly, but has decreased the amount to lower than 9 capsules.

All are the benefits of the rice bran oil I would love to share with you and you also can find more information online. So now it’s up to you whether you want to be one who wants to start to take care of yourself before it’s too late and you have nothing left to take care or not. If you would like to get more details on the product please feel free to contact me, thank you and have a happy and healthy life!!!

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  1. Shannon Dec 7, 2011

    Yes it is amazing how suppluments can have a dramatic effect on your health.


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